Help !! -buzzing sub !!



Hoping I`m being stupid here (not unknown), - but I`m getting a buzzing/humming sound from my new Monitor Audio FB210 Sub Woofer.

The buzz is present in all modes (standby , on , - even in the "off" position. It even buzzes when not connected to the rest of the system.

I can understand a little buzzing when active, but not when turned off and disconnected !. The only way to stop the buzzing is to switch off from the mains.

While it is not obtrusive , It is noticeable in a quiet room and means I have to turn it off /on at the mains - which is a pain.

Can anyone help ?- it`s driving me nuts !!



Sounds like it could be the transformer laminations. Loose or not properly impregnated with varnish.

Talk to the manufacturer.


Could be a fault with the sub but from the posts on this forum is more likely to be an 'earthing loop' problem.

I had the same problem. Run a search on the forum and you will find loads of posts.

Hope this helps


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Almost certainly an earth loop problem,but that can be a complete pain to eliminate...some subs have a switch on the back to elminate grounding via the sub....with any luck yours may have one,and disconnecting the earth may eliminate the problem.
If you havent got a switchable earth,DONT disconnect the earth in the electrical input to the sub without being very sure about it's electrical safety and grounding for the rest of your system....the earth pin is there for a good reason!


Surely if the sub is disconnected from the system there can not be an earth loop, as the unit will only be earthed at one point ie via the mains cable.:rolleyes:


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i have an fb212 an i too have a hum. i decided to live with it as my dealer lent me an m&k sub to try and that too did it. it just means turning up the volume and i don't even notice it with the tv off now, although i do have a big lounge.

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