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Help buying a subwoofer....ASAP

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by tan1415, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. tan1415


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    Hi guys,

    After several years pondering and hanging out on this website asking basically the same question again and again "which Subwoofer should i buy?"....I am finally ready to take the plunge.
    My setup : Sony Strdb 940 QS with a pair of Kefs Q50 infront and Q10s behind and a Ref100c centerspeaker. It will be playing in a small rectangular carpeted livingroom .5m X 3,5 m. Ca'n't put the Sub in any corner. One walls is brick...but most side walls either glass or wood.

    Anyway I can't buy a powerbuy CHT10...so I'll be buying a secondhand subwoofer. These are the models that are currantly available and that I am considering:

    1) rel Q100 for 200 pounds(€300). Unknown condition, 1.5 years old.Checking it on friday. Very highly rated in this site, even higher than the Q150. Is this a good deal and is this Sub still a good choice?

    2)Rel Q50 for 200 pounds(€300). Deal is not as good as the Q100. condition is unknown, 1 year old. How does this sub compare to the Q100 and my other choices?

    3)Rel Quake I for 250 pounds(€399). Only brandnew subwoofer. On sale because it's discontinued. How does it compare to the Q100 and Q50? With 40% discount it's a nice price...but is it still a good buy for me? The size is a plus, but I am looking for a sub that could make a difference in my setup.

    4)B&W AS500 for 225 pounds(€350). Demo model. A small 70 watts Subwoofer.32 hz at 3db. Not as low as the other subs it seems. honest specs..but not low enough for me. i am totally unfamiliar with this. Is it anything like his latest brother teh ASW675?

    5)Kef PSW 2000 for 200 pounds (€300). Second hand, unknown condition just a few months old. Teh older kef Subs were great if expensive...this is cheaper, but not so highly rated. What's the truth? Kef Guy could you help me out? There seems to be a lot of problems with this subwoofer according to the threads.

    6)Rel storm III for 600 pounds(€999). Just kidding...only dreaming. A demomodel with a slight surface scratch. Even more expensive than my whole set and way out of my budget sadly. Still if anyone is interested...great price. 30% off.

    Well it's all pretty much I know...but this will be a pretty big buy for me. Unlike with receivers I rarely change m speakers. And I hate to make the wrong buy.

    I'll be shopping for a 2ndhand subwoofer this weekend. Anyway i'd appreciate any comment, info, opinion on this subject...from experts, Rel/velodyne lovers/haters...all you guys.

    Ps check my other thread where i ask on help how to buy second hand subwoofers.
  2. Apocalypse

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    Aug 14, 2002
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