Help buying a new laptop. Budget is around 2700-2750 USD after shipping + taxes


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Hey :D
My first ever post in this forum, hope it goes well.
I am searching for a new laptop as my pc totally died and I decided to go laptop wise.

What is your budget?
My budget is around 9000 ILS (Israeli New Shekel) which is about 2700-2750 USD dollars. The issue is, I want it to be after import taxes and shipping fees.

What size laptop do you want?
15.6 and up (17.3 is a bless :D, but I'd go for 15.6 if there is a significat price drop or better hardware)

Do you have resolution requirements?
at least 1080p.

Do you prefer a matte or glossy (reflective) screen?
I don't even know if Ive ever had a matte monitor... but anyways I think i prefer glossy for a more colorful experience.

What will you be using the laptop for?
Gaming, Programming and Music production(needs high ram and cpu usage, not as much gpu)

If you will be gaming, what games do you need to play?
Titanfall 2, cyperpunk, battlefield V and more games to come :D

How long does the battery need to last?
As long as possible, I do need long battery life.

Does it need to be portable?
I want it to be a laptop I can carry around... but I don't care about size nor weight.

Do you require Blu-Ray?

Do you require HDMI output?
I'd rather have... not a must

Do you have a preferred brand?

Are there brands you would prefer to avoid?

Would you be happy with a refurbished laptop?
I'd rather not

Any other details you feel necessary...
It must have bluetooth support for my headphones, and it must come with a international warranty (ships to Israel). Other than that, nothing that I can think of right now.
* I don't need an OS

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Thanks all, have a good day :beer:
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