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sorry if this is the wrong section but as im interested in the latest panny 50" plasma HD 1080p screen and it seem the best place. Im really new to this technology and so wary i spend foolishly. Im really after a quality system to make the best of my Sky HD which is due to be installed. My total budget is only £2500 installed. What should i buy, we watch satellite and plenty of DVD's. I need to upgrade my complete current system.

Please be gentle, i appreciate your help.


No gentle way of saying 2.5k is not enough for a 50" 1080p based system unless unacceptable corners are cut. However, all is not lost, as you've been sold the wrong idea unless your viewing distnce is very short, ie less than about 8 ft. If you do it with a 1366/768 panel, you can balance the video and audio side of things, and end up with a far more satisfying system. I'd go diy on the install to if I were you, a co-operative dealer will give you lots of help, and possibly pop in and set up the stuff if you are not sure. You need a panel, how about the PH10? and surround amp, HD DVD, and a 5.1 speaker/sub system. George Lucas reckons the sound is half the movie, and I agree. This way you get to spend about half your budget on audio, it's worth it, really!


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I've still got the Yamaha DVX-S100 DVD home theatre system from my old set up, is this worth keeping?:confused::confused: Viewing distance is 10-13ft. just got around to replacing my old samsung PS-42P2ST.
Would a PANASONIC VIERA TH-50PX70 with Panasonic Home Cinema System. SCPT450 and my Sky HD box be a start, can get this lot for about £1500


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I'd upgrade that. Get a good player with HDMI out, an amp with HDMI switching and you can route both Sky and DVD through it so you only need 1 HDMI on the panel. Should leave you 700 or so for speakers, I would guess, maybe more.

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