Help - Bose Bass module weak bass


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Hi all

just picked up a Bose Soundbar 700 and the Bass Module 700. I have it connected through arc to a Samsung Q9FN. When I play spotify, YouTube etc over Bluetooth or AirPlay, the sound is fantastic. Real deep shake the walls kind of bass. However, when I play anything through the TV (Sky, Xbox, Netflix etc) the bass is almost non existent. It’s on, but you’d barely notice it. It’s so bad that my old £200 Samsung soundbar walks all over it.

Any ideas how to resolve this? I’ve uninstalled the bar and bass module from the app, then reinstalled as well as doing a full system reset but nothing works. I‘ve done the Adaptiq numerous times, with and without bass module but still no luck. I’m guessing it’s an issue with the TV. I also tried it on an older Samsung TV I have and it’s the same.

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