Help Booking A Holiday!


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Hi there!
Me and the girlfriend are a bit stuck on booking a holiday and could do with some help with recommendations etc!
We both like different holidays ( I like city breaks, and she likes relaxing pool/beach holidays!), so have decided to compromise and do both (hopefully)
We've decided on the following:
Rome - Somewhere all inclusive - Amsterdam

We've put it down to 3 nights in Rome, and then 1 night in Amsterdam, and 4 nights in-between, but were just not sure where!
I've been looking at the Costa Del Sol - however, every time we find somewhere, we then look at the reviews, and they're really bad :(
We can spend around £140 on the hotel each.
If anyone could recommend anywhere, that would be great!!
Jack :)

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A city break and all inclusive doesn't make any sense to me. Great to go all inclusive when you are in a remote island somewhere but not in a city where you are surrounded by restaurants.

How are you planning to travel as Amsterdam and Rome are a bit apart. Now if you travel by car there are lots of nice beach places in between.

Ps is that £140 each per night or for the four nights?


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I agree all inclusive is daft in a city location, part of the fun is going out to try local food at night.
Is your hotel budget really £280 total, for four nights?? :-o
£70 a night for the both of you sounds pretty tough to meet, even room only.
If it was £280 a night, total, then you'd get a villa on the costa del sol for around £500 for a week.
And you can feed yourselves cheaply via supermarkets.


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No, I think you have misunderstood.
We are doing both, hence Rome, and then an all inclusive for four nights.
But yes, £280 for 4 nights for the both of us.
It doesn't seem that bad, from what I've found, I can get it slightly under than that, I just wanted some recommendations of places.

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