Help Blue outlines on Phillips 70pus8555


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Hello anyone who can help I recently purchased a Phillips 70pus8555 from richer sounds and seem to get a blue outline ghosting effect on image outlines it is more present on black and white movies but also at times on colour movies. The blue outlines are around objects and people in the image. Also when I use the tv for gaming if I move the image around fast on screen I get the blue outline on characters and objects on screen. This also happens when watching 4K blu rays which I watch through my ps5. I have switched off all processing and use game mode when I game but this has no effect on the problem. It seems to reduce if I turn the brightness high but does not get rid of it completely. I have tried many recommended tv settings posted on here and other sites but it still happens. I have had the tv since February and it has a long warranty but I have only just watched the elephant man on 4K and it had a lot of blue outline being black and white which made me notice the problem more also notice it more now on colour movies in 4k also. Any help greatly appreciated.

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