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Question Help - Blu-Ray player with HDMI input - home cinema problem


Novice Member
Hi. So I have a problem that I think can only be solved by a Blu-Ray player with an HDMI input.
So I have an Optoma UHD40, hooked up via HDMI to a Samsung BD-H8500M Blu-ray player/freeview recorder. For sound, I have a Sonos Beam, connected to the Samsung unit via HDMI to optical. It works perfectly.
However, the Samsung box is getting old. They have removed support for iPlayer so that no longer works, and it has no Disney+ etc. I bought a Roku with up-to-date apps, and I can connect this seamlessly to the projector using an HDMI switcher (I can just choose between either the Roku or the Samsung), but the issue is that the Roku cannot then connect to the Sonos Beam, meaning the sound only comes from the projector. This is not good enough quality.
I don't know how to solve this, beyond getting a new Blu-Ray player that takes HDMI input, then I can plug the Roku into it and the Sonos Beam into it too. I guess I'd still need to switch back to the old Samsung unit to record TV etc, but hey ho.
Any ideas most welcome, either for Blu-Ray players with HDMI input for my Roku plan, or any other solutions....!

Fred Smith

Well-known Member
How about a HDMI switch with audio extraction?

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