HELP blade2 song no on soundtrack but in film??


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got the soundtrack a while ago an listenend to it a few times very poor effort IMHO but the biggest kick in the scrot was the song that i wanted most was not on it.now the song im after is the one where kristoffesen is on the roof an says "waklin on sunshine toad boy" the song straight after he says that is the one i want.does anyone have any idea who it is or where i can get it :D


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What kind of tune is it, hip hop, rock etc?

Sold blade 2, so cant watch the section, but if it is the one i'm thinking of it is called gorillaz in my head by redman - ft. Gorillaz and is available from on file sharing sites.


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its dance music mate so i cant see it being redman i do have the album like i said but its defo not on there :mad: lol cheers any way shoka i will check it any way.


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Have you compared the tracks on the album to the tracks at the end credits to see which ones aren't on the album. Just had a look, i to want to know and notice theres 2 tracks that could be a possibility; Cowboy- performed by Eve & Fatboyslim, or Gangsta Queens produced by Groove Armada. Proberbly miles out but you never know.

If you find out, let us know.


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1. Blade (theme from Blade) - Marco Beltrami & Danny Saber
2. Cowboy - Eve & Fatboy Slim
3. I Against I - Mos Def & Massive Attack
4. Right Here, Right Now - Ice Cube & Paul Oakenfold
5. Tao Of The Machine - The Roots & BT
6. Child Of The Wild West - Cypress Hill & Roni Size
7. The One - Busta Rhymes / Silkk The Shocker & Dub Pistols
8. We Be Like This - Fabolous / Jadakiss & Danny Saber
9. Gorillaz On My Mind - Redman & Gorillaz
10. Gangsta Queens - Trina / Rah-Digga & Groove Armada
11. PH Dream - Bubba Sparxxx & The Crystal Method
12. Raised In The Hood - Volume 10 & Roni Size
13. Gettin' Aggressive - Mystikal & Moby
14. Mind What You Say - Buppy (Bonus Track
thats the tracks of the album i have it is none of them so i will do what you suggested mate an have a looak at the end credits

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