Help!! Black and White on TV Out??

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Nov 2, 2000
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Hi all,

I have just bought a new graphics card. Its an nvedia geforce 4 64 mg. with TV Out (S-VHS).

I have just plugged the lead into my TV via the VCR using an S-vhs cable, then a little Scart adapter, but the picture is only in black and white. I have selected UK PAL in the options from the TV Out list.

Where am I going wrong??

Any help would be appreciated.


The SCART is still sending the VCR an S-Video signal. You need an S-Video to composite converter like this . Some graphics cards come with one - you just have to be lucky.

Or you could make one yourself, IIRC it just needs a capacitor across two of the pins on the S-Video plug. I can't remember the exact details, though.
Thankyou for the info.

I will try the Argos, as they have a kit with lots of different bits in - one of them looks like S-VHS.

Doh!! Only just bought this kit I'v got today as well. Waste of a tenner! At least with Argos I can take it back if it doesn't do the job...


I had a similar problem with my cheapo VCR feeding into my Falcon.

Turns out that the VCR actually feeds composite on the S-video part of the adapter I was using. Fortunately DScaler has an option for "composite vis S-Video".

Hope that points you in the right direction.........

I had this too.. Check your TV does not have an option to receive s-video. I little toying with the menus of my 'bought from tescos' (ie. not the most whizz-bang thing on the market) TV got me up and running.
Thanks for the tips guys!

I searched through the options on my graphics card, and found one that said "Composide Svhs".

It now comes through in glorious colour! Fantastic!!!



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