way to connect two amp.


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Can someone shed a light on me please on how to get the best connection between an AV receiver with its own surround speakers and a Powered mixer that will have its own stereo PA speakers also. (see attached proposed drawing lay-out).

The AV receiver will be used for movies only while the PA powered mixer will be used for Karaoke nights only.

Since source will be going to AV receiver to output picture and sound to TV & PJ so when watching movies will have the usual surround no problem.

But what about when I want to use the powered mixer and PA speaker what connection would work best from AV receiver without using the surround speakers but just the PA speakers only? Pre out from AV amp L+R, Zone 2? Will using pre out of AV amp won't disable the function of the surround F+L because pre out has been selected or use?

Also will the sub work also using the low level from AV amp and linking PA speaker out to high level of sub (please see photo)

thanks in advance.


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If you're going to use the mixer and the AV amp together with just the PA connected speakers then use Zone 2 RCA out. Depending on your AV amp Zone 2 can be run in conjunction with the main zone.


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Hi Gibsy, thank you for your reply...considering the Marantz or Denon or anything on the £1500 budget.

Haven't tried the function or connect anything using zone 2 hence wasn't sure if will works...and was also thinking the same thing if not possible that I can use the AV amp as usual in stereo mode for background of Karaoke and use the Powered mixer and PA speakers for vocals.

Can I still run the Sub that way on my picture or depend what connection will I end up with?

Thanks again.

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