Help! Best upconversion player for Sony KDF-50WE655 LCD?

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by Andy W, Feb 24, 2005.

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    Hello to all,

    My first post here, I hope I'm not duplicating another thread (not that I've been able to determine). :) Sorry this is long.

    I recently purchased a Grand Wega 50" LCD (655 series) and--at the recommendation of a sales person--the Toshiba combo DVD/VHS (SD-V592) player which upconverts to 720p and 1080i. This player also has HDMI but no DVI connection.

    First off, I'm going to return the player as it has stopped in the middle of DVD playback during 3 different movies. When it works it looks quite good (Open Range, LOTR: ROTK, Star Wars Trilogy all looked stunning) but I've noticed macroblocking on some films with darker scenes. I don't know what its called, but I've also noticed that at times I see a bit of a wavering line on the screen where two different (and usually well-defined) elements of the picture come together.

    For example: when watching Hitchcock's Vertigo and Rear Window I've notice that a light colored fence post in front of a darker background actually seems to "move" back and forth by a matter of one or two pixels. It's as if the player can't determine exactly where to place that information on the screen and so the TV is trying to interpolate between two pixels. Back and forth it goes ever so slightly. It drives me mad because I have good eyes and I can't imagine this would have anything to do with how the TV projects the image--it must be the player right? It's very strange and I've never seen it before. I also noticed this when watching Dances With Wolves: the blue sky will be in the top of the frame and the brownish prairie in the lower half and the line dividing the two will "waver" or move just a bit.

    Question is: is this a flaw in the player? I'm tempted to think so. Or could this be a problem with the TV (related to the 2:3 filter or the farouja processing?) I've ordered DVE DVD to calibrate but have not received it yet. And as far as the macroblocking/splotching goes, I know that LCD has some trouble reproducing darker shades and differentiating among them. How much of the macroblocking is due to the player and how much to the TV? I tried running the component cables instead of the HDMI and noticed little difference. How much variation in DVD quality is there? A couple of my films looked terrible on the TV and I don't know if it's a combination of the faults in the player and the color in the TV ( notes that this model TV pushes the reds so much that it requires "professional" calibration.)

    I only have about 2 weeks to determine the best possible setup. I don't want to get rid of the TV as I think the problem lies in the DVD player itself and the tv picture is more often than not--excellent. I want to get the best possible upconversion player WITH HDMI capability that I possibly can, but can't afford to spend $1000 for something like the Denon 3910. And the TV does not have DVI input, only HDMI and component.

    Any suggestions on the above problems and what might be the best player to minimize macroblocking? I've heard that Sony was going to put out an upconversion DVD but have not gotten solid information yet. Some here have commented that Denon is questionable quality-wise and there isn't much else out there at this point. :(

    Not sure what to do next. Thanks for the help.

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