Help! Best Method for TV in bedroom?


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we've moved into a newly built flat, and we've not yet got round to sorting a tv in the bedroom.

mainly because we have a clunky old 14" and flimsy looking walls.

the bedroom has an aerial point about a foot from the top of the wall, which screams 'wall mount tv'.

so i've been thinking, and shortlisted these options:

- i could buy a bracket for the 14" old clunk, but im not sure itll hold.
- buy a cheap 14/15" lcd tv
- get hold of an old 14" tft pc monitor and buy a VGA box.

method one, im not a fan of, but it would be cheap. anyway of knowing if the wall is strong enough??

method two, is a bit expensive. cheap 14/15"ers can be got on ebay for £125/135 ish though.

method three, could probably get a cheap 14/15" pc monitor for about £30 and buy a £20 vga box. anyone recommend this method? use it personally?

can you think of any other methods i could consider?

we have a video sender in the living room, and could send to the 'screen' but the receiver only has scart output, so that would only really work with a TV. (method2)
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