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Sep 13, 2021
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New Zealand
Hi guys,

Hoping to get some input for speaker placement in the new house we're moving into shortly. I've read heaps of previous forums and seen mixed comments so wanted to get a bit more input from those far more knowledgeable than myself. I've read the Dolby guidelines but finding it hard to adapt them for my room characteristics.

I currently have a 5.x.4 AVR and speakers for 5.1.2, however, I also have a pair of KEF Q350 for my PC that are barely used that I'm considering using as my surrounds and moving my current rears as heights. Speakers below:

L/R: Kef Q950
C: Kef Q650
Front heights: Minx 22
surrounds: Minx 22 (might replace these with Q350's and use the Minx22 as rear heights / on ceiling).

This is where it gets tricky, the living area of the house isn't the biggest and we have young kids (2 year old and a new born). The wife's preference is to not have any big speakers or anything in the living room (it's open plan anyways, so a home theatre set up is difficult). However, we both love watching movies or gaming at night in bed when the kids are finally asleep so we'll be putting the speakers in our master bedroom for the time being until the kids get older.

The room is ~4.6m x 3.6m and I've attached some diagrams of the room - obviously as we'll be watching from bed, there is essentially no room behind us. We also want the surrounds on floor stands in a location that the kids won't run into or trip over (which is why I've put them into the corner for now).

The room also comes with speaker wire in the 4 corners of the wall (the wires come out right under where the wall meets the ceiling). I don't mind dragging the wires a little across the ceiling for better placement and using a ceiling mount for the minx 22.

I'd really love to do 5.x.4 (especially since the wiring is already there), allbeit with some compromise given the lack of room behind us for proper placement. What advice would you guys give me for speaker placement for the height speakers (and my other speakers)? My current plan is to have front and rear heights and hope Dirac can help create a sense of separation for me. I know it won't be optimal, but it think this would be the BEST given my constraints.

Re pictures attached - apologies for my horrible paint skills.
1) The orange boxes are my speaker placements, green is the sub and blue is the bed / TV.
2) The red crosses in the wire placement are the approximate location of the prewiring.


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Bring all speakers to as close to ear height as possible in a 5.1 system. In such a system the rears are not meant to be behind you. Rather, they should be aiming at your ears from the sides (rear sides). You should be able to achieve this easily in your bedroom. Back speakers, in a 7.1 architecture are the 2 speakers that are supposed to be behind you. You cannot use 7 ear height speakers effectively in your setup. You might try it for the fun of it, but don’t expect much. As far as Atmos is concerned, of course you could use rears (sides) with up firing Atmos modules, same as the front. But the optimal placement is in the ceiling, firing down. All in all, the bedroom is decent spot for a 5.2.4 setup and you look primed for success.
Good question, I'm in a similar situation for my "TV room" (and currently 2nd home office!), couch is on the rear wall so 5.1 is currently it.

I'm also consider adding .2 or .4 for atmos, but limited by an angled ceiling (so upfiring isn't recommended), and I've got no space to install in-ceiling, so I'm limited by either ON ceiling (fugly) or on-wall-at-ceiling-height (and I actually looked at the Minx22s).

Keen to see how you go & what solution you come up with.

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