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help battlefield 2 secondhand purchase

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Rigs' started by Duffers0, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Duffers0


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    Shot in the dark but here goes :suicide:

    I have purchased an original DVD and manual from Ebay ( I know cheapscate and all that)

    I am trying to register the game but the serial number has been registered before.

    It seems without registering the game I cannot access ranked servers and the splash screens, when the game loads still says demo version, is this right?

    I loaded the full version straight after unloading the demo version.

    Seems i am limited to demo only maps online, no ranking stats etc.

    Single payer mode gives access to all 12 maps.

    Before I return for a refund can anybody shed any light on this??

    On page 14 of the manual under online setup it reads ' registration required to access online features' you must be 13+ to register blah blah'

    Is this refering to game registration or gamespy etc onlline servers.

    I have an online account registered, but as i said above only limited to what sems to be demo maps etc.

    Any shed light would be greatly appreciated.

    Played the demo got fragged to death but really wanted to explore this whole online gaming thing :confused:

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