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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by packard999, Sep 20, 2007.

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    Hi - new to this site, asking for help please

    I am about to purchase a Sony KDL40W200U 40 LCD HD TV; I have seen various threads/reviews and it seems to do all that i need.

    My current set up is - excluding the old CRT Widesceeen

    1) Panasonic SC-HT70 5 Disc 5.1 DVD Home Theatre System - the only inputs are via standard phono L&R


    2) Panasonic VCR (won't be needed soon due to sky+)
    3) Standard Sky box (Soon to be SKY HD or just SKY+)
    4) Xbox 360
    5) Sony PS2
    6) Ipod Dock
    7) Possibility of PC input at some point.

    My question is this - IF I purchase the new TV and want to benefit of upscaling my existing DVDs i need to obvioulsy get a new DVD player that has this capability.

    Sony are offering various options on packages at the moment:

    However I can't work out IF i got the HDD DVD Player (RDRHXD870B.CEK / RDRHXD870S.CEK) it would upscale but how would I then get the benefit of 5.1 as the input would surley go via HDMI into the TV? - or could you L & R channel audio out of the TV to the surround sound - would that then convert - there is nothing in the manual to suggest it will?.

    So what i'm rambling on about it is

    I buy the new TV

    I want to keep 5.1 surround sound on all inputs do i need to but a new amp or combi pack?

    Help please... I speak to "sales" people and all they want to do is make me spend £££s on new kit that i think I may not need.

    I don't actually want a Hard Disc recoder as I will shortly be getting Sky+ and never have a need to record on disc.

    Advice please...

    I want a reasonable sound but the budget is getting a hammering, I know i can sell the old kit for a few quid but nothing major.

    All i really want is

    1) TV
    2) Surround Surround
    3) DVD with updscale facility
    4) Ability to connect SKY, 360, PS2, Ipod and PC and put the sound via the surround sound.

    Thanks in advance - I hope this makes sense.
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    Hiya Mate,

    First of all have you thought about maybe buying a plasma rather than an LCD, they tend to handle normal television IMO better than an LCD?

    As far as the DVD goes you don't need to spend all the money on a DVD recorder, all you need is an upscaling DVD player. Have a look in the forum DVD Standard definition and Upscaling for more advice on what to buy, I personally would not spend more than £100 on one.

    Surround wise don't look like you've got an optical out on your system. Audio wise I reckon you need to be looking at buying a new seperates system amp + 5.1 speakers probably budget wise starting at £500 all in for the lot. Basically all the devices you want to use work best via connecting by optical cable to get the surround sound you want. PM me at anytime if you need more advice :thumbsup:

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