HELP! AVR100 rear left sound problem


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Hi all, I wonder if you can maybe help calm me down here - I'm a bit worried about my amp.

My 3yr old AVR100 has in the past few days developed an intermittent problem where I get no sound from the rear left channel.

I opened it up, the inside was spotless. There's nothing rattling about or seeming to be loose, no burning smell, nothing obviously wrong to my eyes. So I gave it a quick skoosh of compressed air for good measure, then completely reconnected all the speakers but the problem was still there.

I then (apologies to John Dawson in advance) did what any daft PC engineer would do, lifted it slightly and let it drop, which seemed to solve the problem..... until today, same thing again.

So I performed another slight bump/drop on it which sorted it again.

It reeks to me of something not being seated correctly but I don;t want to go pushing boards around especially ones with capacitors like coke cans.

Can anyone - from Arcam or otherwise - give me any pointers to sort it permanently?

I couldn't bear to have to send it away for repair. :rolleyes:

Yours in desperation!



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I had the same problem with my 200, (but with the front speaker I only had the amp 6 months) eventually it went completely.

I just returned it to Audio T in the end, I'll be without it for up to 4 weeks apparently! :rolleyes:

But I'd rather have no amp than one with no front left channel.


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Sorry to hear that johna.

Unfortunately mine is beyond the 2 year parts and labour guarantee.

This is why I'm hoping that it's something simple I could fix myself - like maybe reseating a loose board/connection or similar - maybe a knowledgeable forum member could point me in the right direction and save me the heartache of losing it for a month and forking out for carriage and labour.

It happened again today and when I gave it a nudge it righted itself. This makes me think it can't be that big a problem.

Still hoping...

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