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hi friends, I want to buy an AV receiver. I´m a mess. which is best for them. I have ps3, wii, xbox360 and panasonic tv
pioneer 520, yamaha 467, onkyo 308 or some denon or harman kardon.
I dont have much money

pd:sorry for my english


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Since you have a Wii you may find upconversion useful. Unfortunately you would need to move up a level I believe in order to get this feature. What speakers have you got or plan to get?
From the 3 you mention the Yamaha is probably the best and this offers both HD decoding and auto setup which are two very useful features.


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the wii hardly use it a lot, I dont care upscalling/rescaled. I dont know which are the best speakers, I thought of the canton movie 60, magnat 501, Wharfedale 65, JBL SCS 200.5, etc ... I want small speakers


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I want pioneer 520 or yamaha 467, I dont know.
What speakers are small and cheaper??
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