Help! Artefact on Bravia KDL-40V2000


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I've just bought a new Sony KDL-40V2000. It looks and sounds great, but there's one thing odd. It appears that the left half of the screen and the right half of the screen have ever-so-slightly different contrast or brightness settings; the effect is normally imperceptible, but when showing an image panning left or right, it becomes an obvious distraction as a straight vertical line down the middle of the panel.

This happens irrespective or source (Normal TV aerial through co-ax or DVD, either SCART or Component connected)

Anyone heard of this before, or have any tips before I start bugging the people at Sony?



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Yeah I know what you mean. I have the exact same thing on my S2500. Especially noticeable if the image is panning over a solid color. Another way to see is switch to a blank input and look at the screen from an angle...the lines (and I've got more of a central one too with a different brightness/contrast either side) are most obvious there.

Apparently these are bands or something...but tbh it's not really noticable if you're viewing straight on. Apparently some Sony V/S 25x tv's have this problem and others do not.

Pretty annoyed with everthing right now. I don't think there's a single TV that isn't gimped in some way out there. You just learn to deal with the imperfections. That said if I knew how to thoroughly test these things during my 7 day cool off period It would have gone back for a replacement. Only thing I did was the dark room/even backlight test -- which genuinely appears even when viewed dead on.

I'm going to stick with this and then upgrade to 1080p with the next X series Iteration..and then I wont stand for nothing.


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Thanks Pallaris.

Interesting to hear that it might be design flaw, rather than just a monday-morning manufacturing error. I'm glad you don't find it too noticeable from straight-on viewing position - I'm sitting straight-on about 9 feet from mine and it's driving me nuts!

Any other owners of a KDL-40V2000 out there? If these is just *one* who doesn't have this problem then I think my panel's going back to Sony...

Thanks in advance.


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I have a 40S2530 and mine is ok. I checked for banding and lamp bleed against a blank AV input at max backlight and brightness and didn't find anything. It seems that not all panels are affected by this.


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Yeah, this effect is called "banding" (search the forums). My 32V2500 suffers from this, too. My first one had 2-3 banding bars. The second one has one bar "only".

Check with this test pictures for banding:

Display it full screen in a dark room and watch out for banding and ghost bars. I really would like to see photographies of your findings (dark room, steady camera). :)

It's mostly apparent when watching soccer or anything were the camera pans vertically on uniform colored areas... :(

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