Help Archos gmini400 cannot upload to it

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    :lease:Hi there, please let me say thanks for the help you are about to give me, but i cannot seem to upload any of the movie or music files using windows media player version 11 onto our archos 400:eek:, we have two archos 402e's and it works great, i read where we had to do the software upload and we did that:smashin:, but still it does not recognize the archos 400:suicide:, by right clicking on a file and sending it to the archos 400 i can get it to go, but when we play a movie back it is out of time with the audio:nono:, the lips are moving a few seconds too late for the words, it gets irritating:mad:, does any one know how i can upload through media player or some other software i can use to upload the movies with success,:confused:,,,,,,,,,thanks, all for the help,,,,,,,,brenda:hiya:

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