Help!! Arcam AVP700-Only Direct Sources are working


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Dear Friends,

I have been struggling with my AVP700 for few days now, trying to solve this problem:

The AVP700 freezes each time I try to switch to any other source other than CD Direct and DVD-A Direct.

When I push on DVD button for example, the AVP displays:

-Dolby Prologic II

No sound or image are produced and I cannot switch back to the CD Direct I was listening before.

I tried everything, changing the DVD player, cables, etc..
I also tried to connect the DVD player with a Coax and even with the Red/White analogue cables, the result was always the same.

The status of the AVP makes me think that the DAC side of it is out of order.

I tried to set it back to its factory default settings in the menu which is called by holding the RDS INFO + PRESET/TUME, for no result.

Does anybody have any idea or solution?

Thanks to all in advance for your precious help.

Does anybo


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By the way, I read some threads about the importance of having the firmware up to date. I have no idea where to check the firmware version. I would appreciate if somebody could explain where to check it.

Thanks in advance.


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