Help! Arcam 777/888 wireless options?


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Apologies if this is a daft question.

Used to have a dedicated home cinema room when we lived in London with, amongst other things, an Arcam 777/888. Have separated from my wife (all mutual & amicable) and I have bought a nearby house for me and our boys when they’re staying with me, as we co-parent.

A. Does anyone know whether there are wireless 7.1 options available to me using some form of transmitter plugged into the Arcam?

B. Our old setup was in a dedicated building with Future Automation projector lift, recessed screen, recessed (into wall) M&K speakers, all very Bond villain lair, no visible wiring, you pressed a button on an expensive remote and everything swung into action. We had an amazing specialist AV guy. The days of affording this sort of thing are long gone and I’m clueless in a lot of areas (as my wife will confirm).

C. My new place has some limitations in terms of a wired 7.1 speaker setup. Wireless would be unbelievably convenient but even if possible is wireless a completely bonkers idea in terms of trade-off/sacrifice compared to wired speaker options given what the 777/888 can do?

D. Should I just get a current wireless 7.1 system and save myself the hassle of this type of retrofit course of action? It’s just that I love my Arcam (I’m a sentimental old fool).

I’ve been searching online but with little success thus far which makes me think that my wireless hopes may be a fool’s errand.

Any thoughts appreciated, apologies if this is a stupid question. Have a good day.

Thank you!

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