Help Appreciated - DVD & SKY+ opticals into one socket?


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I am getting Sky+ installed on Friday.

I currently have a Hitachi 36PW810TN Dolby Dig/DTS TV, I run my DVD players optical output into the back of the TV and get glorious DTS/5.1 sound.

I am aware that the Sky+ also has an optical out for 5.1 sound - but my TV only has the one optical in socket.

How do I get two opticals into one socket. Is there some kind of switchbox available. My TV also has a Co-ax Digital in socket but this just feeds the same thing as the optical and the TV doesn't have an option to switch between the inputs.

I would prefer some switchable box rather than a passive one as both pieces of equipment will need to be switched on at once when I am recording TV on Sky+ whilst watching a DVD. DVD is on Scart 2 and Sky+ would be on Scart 1.

Surely others have got the same problem.


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You might find something here....


However when SKY+ is in standby and/or recording there is no output on the optical so the TV should have no problems when you are playing back audio from a DVD source.


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Thanks for this it looks like Lektropacks manual optical switcher will do the trick.

The trouble with leaving them both connected is that my Sky+ will also be sent around the house through a video sender so could well be on at the same time as the DVD so it can be watched in another room.

But the "professional optical selector" means that I don't have to bother about this anyway. Thanks for the advice.

Anyone know of a high street multiple that sells this item - if not I'll mail order it from Lektropacks - its just that I could do with getting one quickly.

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