Help - Anyway of getting Sky HD to my bedroom?


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Ok we live in a newly built flat, and in the living room there is a plug socket which has sockets for FM / TV / Satellite.

The wall on which this socket is located is the one which divides the living room with my bedroom. Basically I was wondering how I can get Sky HD on my HDTV which is in my bedroom. I guess one solution would be to install some sort of passthrough in the wall (they're pretty thin walls, plasterboard etc..). Would this be possible?



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Just buy some RCA splitters to split the component cable into two....

This is how i feed the HD component signal from my xbox360 to my two TV's at the
same time..

I don't know if this can be done with the HDMI output.(I not tryed doing this with an HDMI output yet myself)

I use three of these RCA splitters the same as in this link below


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I thought you could only get HD with DVI or Hdmi connection.
I get a picture via RF output to other rooms via an amplifier but only standard pictute and mono sound.

I thought the only way to get HD in the kitchen was to use a very long HDMI connecting lead to the HDMI socket in that room-would need about 10 metre lead.

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