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HI,i am new to this forum stuff but am in need of help, . just purchased some polk s55e ,, i am running them on a marantz pm 6005. not sure this is adequate to get the best from them!do i need any more power. the polk,s run on 20w - upwards, my amp is 45 w . should i invest in a different amp to get the best from them or will my marantz drive them adequatly. if i need to change my amp , any help /suggestion,s please . buget if i need a amp would be around £600 pounds!.


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Recommended 20-150w, 89db sensitive, no reason your marantz can't do the job adequately. Most important thing, how does it all sound to you?


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hi ,thanks for replys.
marantz is as good as it gets for the price (award [email protected]£350 when purchased).i do like it, just unshore if it could drive/ get the best from the polk,s with them able to handle big watts compared to the 45w amp .not wanting to waste money,eg- £500-600 on a new amp if not much inprovement. wish i could jusyify more but not a audiophile, just enjoy good quality sound that i can pump up it i feel like it !!

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