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This is my second post as the first was to test the water on optical drive or not and Thanks to Endless Waves for help.

I am now starting to gather a bit of information for my first new build and I am already beginning to see how the PC world
has changed in the last 14 yrs when I bought my last HP machine which I have just fixed with a new AMD Phenom cpu bought used.

I have decided that I will need a case to take an ATX motherboard and optical drive and maybe some other bit of kit also
I am not interested in Blackpool illumination but if incorporated then so be it also not a massive gamer but games like
C.O.D,, Battlefield, Sniper Elite and Tomb Raider ect are of interest.
Also as mentioned in last post VHS to digitial transfer will be undertaken and videos Joined and edited to make one video from phones ect
and the normal things like banking, browsing, buying and forums on different activities that i am interested in.
As per everyone I would like the best but cost comes into the equation so a Budget around £800 +is my aim at the moment.

Case - Fractal Design Focus G Petrol Blue Mid Tower Case with Window
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Gen3 6 Core AM4 CPU/Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler
Ram - Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz Memory (Black)

I was going to buy the MSI Tomahawk Max B450 AM4 Motherboard but looking at prices I need the some help.
The X570 boards are appealing and have seen these boards for slightly more than the Tomahawk above but not sure whether they
are worth buying and which one to go for as the spec on each one seems very much the same and the MSI and
ASUS are good makes to buy that I know of old but any thoughts on this would be very helpful.

MSI X570-A PRO AMD AM4 Motherboard

MSI GAMING PLUS AMD X570 AM4 Motherboard


ASUS PRIME X570-P AM4 Motherboard

Also will be looking at a AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB but not sure what the difference is between the different names
and due to cost will upgrade to RX5700 later but any thoughts on this will be good knowledge as well.

Also looking at different storage devices which I will need help on.
Will upgrade to 24” monitor this is the maximum screen size for my table this is a separate budget as well due to connections ect.

Thanks for reading hope all makes sense any issues with choices or advice will be gratefully accepted.



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That's a fairly beefy build for what you want, it's more the sort of system a graphics or video editing enthusiast would build.

The extra power is something it's easy to find a use for if you're happy to pay for it, but I'd be cautious about buying £150 motherboards unless you think you're actually going to be using the additional features they give you.

AMD and nVidia are responsible for the main processor on the graphics card while companies like Sapphire, EVGA or Powercolour manufacture the actual card and are responsible for everything else. Voltage conversion circuitry, memory chip choice, cooling system and so on.

Most of the stuff is not very interesting as AMD and nVidia set minimum and maximum performance limits and various other requirements (output restrictions) so all the cards are similar. The most noticable differences are generally the volume of the fans and sometimes which outputs the card has.


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Hi EndlessWaves so in your opinion the MSI Tomahawk Max would be fine,it's just that this will be my first and probably last build as I am retired.
So basically the sort of use for my set up doesn't really need pcie 4.0 and I would be better spending my cash on other bits.

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