Help and advice needed. HD Satelite box.

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Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before, but not sure what to search on.

Breif synopsis.

Fed up with Sky HD being unreliable on recordings etc. Most of the programmes we record are BBC HD and C4 HD. Have already cancelled most of the Sky channels and hence don't need sports etc.

I want to get a satelite HD PVR pref 2 tuners, that will allow recording of BBC HD and C4 HD, hopefully ITV HD.

What are the best boxes available, how much, and do I have to buy a card of some sort to make the thing work? If I buy a card, is it a one off purchase or an annual subscription?

Will said box work off the satelite my Sky box has the dish pointed at?

A few questions I know, but, we don't have a great appetite for watching thousands of channels, just a few hours a night of generally the same stuff.

Help is much appreciated and if this is in the wrong area of the forum, I apologise and please move to the correct one.



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You need a Sky card to watch/ record CH4HD at the moment, so that limits your choice i'm afraid ~ & the Humax doesn't have a card slot to my knowledge.



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Anyone know of anything out there that would do what the OP was looking for and that also has a cam slot?



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Would require a cam which is able to use a freesat from sky card. Not sure whether there are any cams that can take the new card sky are issuing...

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