help ae100 ae200 hs2 or z1


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i am about to purchase my first projector and i would like some help choosing,
could you please tell me which one to buy and why


Originally posted by helter
i am about to purchase my first projector and i would like some help choosing,
could you please tell me which one to buy and why
None of the above.

Get a HS-10.


It's the business! ;)


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Is the HS10 worth the £800 more over the Sanyo PLV-Z1? I only have a small screen 60" wde, so would i get a worthwhile imporvement?


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if you have the cash then I'd say a big yes. I've had the AE100 for around 8 months and loved it, but I never thought there would be such a big difference at this modest step-up in price. When I got the Panny I was hoping to be able to buy a VPL10 or even an 11 but the difference in price put it beyond me.

The biggest differences between the AE100 and the HS-10 are the resolution and the brightness. Both are night and day differences. As I'm writing this I have Sky+ on (with all the lights) and it's as bright and crisp as watching it on the 32" Tosh in the front room.
Also the de-interlacing of the HS-10 is a big advantage over the Ae100, so should be considered.

If you can and dont want to simply throw your money on the back of someone elses recommendation, the try and get a demo of the wont be disappointed.

Let us know what you get anyway mate.:)


Hi :)

I am in the same boat as Helter.
I am looking for my first pj and would love to get the HS-10 from pricejapan but I only have a short "throw" to my screen 6'-12' . It either has to go on the coffee table @ around 6'-7' or directly behind the couch @ 12'. I am also worried about the noise levels if the Sony is sitting behind my head.
Thats why I am looking @ the Z1 because it has such a short throw and has had some v good press, although I haven't seen it in action yet and I have read quite abit about bad screendoor on this model. Seeing as I will be sitting quite close to the screen (10') it could be a major issue.
Like helter I don't require a huge picture 69"-83" so maybe the hs-10 would do the trick. Also before you say it I can't attach the pj to the ceiling as I just painted it and my g/f would kill me :D .

Any feedback welcome :blush:

Also I need a screen that I can move after watching a film or playing xbox as I am not allowed to fix a screen to the ceiling either :( . I have to start my Loft home cinema conversion soon.


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Buy what suits your situation.

You have to look at things like

size of screen
position of projector
noise of projector
scaling artifacts
suitability for HCPC or prog scan


People get carried away about how good their projector is, and often people in their excitement fail to point out the downsides.

Having owned several projectors in the past (including some quite expensive ones.) I can say I am impressed with the Z1 for the moment.

It excells in areas for me where the HS10 and AE-100 (and I've seen both.) don't.

Chances are you will be impressed by any of the above selection, maybe worth nipping over to AVSforums where the arguments tend to be better developed.


Thx ROne.

I would love to check out avsforums but for some reason work have blocked the site... why *** :) I am sure that a pj has something to do with banking!

Will check it out when I get home.

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