HELP!Advice re: 4k Samsung UE48JU600 tv-think I've made my mind up(!)& HEVC/calibration question(s)?


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This seems a bargain at £429-new with full guarantee. Yes-discontinued now (from 2015) but from what I can see feedback & quality is fab. Also with all this talk on various sites of 're-branding' & not being a genuine item-just wanted to check this model was?

Samsung UE48JU6000KX 48" Smart Wifi Built-In Ultra HD 2160p LED TV

Requirements are:-

  • Good TV quality & upscaling
  • Not too big as small lounge(!)
  • Reasonable number of HDMI/USB
  • We don't watch sports/do gaming-just films & TV
  • Stream a lot of films/TV from fire tv & Kodi (hopefully utilising 4k compressed files)
  • Not too fussed re: SMART TV but a bonus if there & wifi built in (it is!)
  • Nt too fussed re: new features like HDR-as it seems the 'house is not quite in order yet' (!) just want good picture (This Samsung model has colour enhancement & 100hz which my non-techy brain assumes is fairly good/??!)
  • We sit around 10 ft from TV so big tv a bit wasted (current one seems big at 42 inches!).
  • Just want a good picture-realsise from other replies that even though SD & full HD is upscaled it's never going to be full UHD-but apparently this model upscales very well?
  • Could save £120ish on a cheap new ElectriQ model -direct TV'S (LOCAL TO ME!)-own brand that the sales staff say use Samsung/LG panels-good reviews but posted probably by manufacturer lol (!)-(not SMART)-49 inch at £299 (fairly good reviews but not sure??!) or Finlux non Smart at £380, 55 inch (maybe too big-not sure), or £499 Samsung 55 inch SMART refurbished (12 month guarantee) -HDR.
Can't find a thing to come close to the Samsung at £429 new-opinions????? Seems great price & spec & fairly 'future-proof' (ulness I'm missing settings/HDMI, wireless frequencies etc that go over my head!).

As it's a discontinued model was going to make an offer.....or have I more chance of a date with Louisa lytton (lol!).

Also have a question re: HEVC playback (soz to be thick!)-see below.

Checked all techy connections etc and called supplier to confirm these, all OK! HEVC/H265 file types. The USB playback does not have this listed as a recognized file type. No great shakes as don't,t anticipate downloading in this format and in the unlikely event I did I would convert it with a free converter. A lot of the films I watch will be via kodi or fire TV, so assume if streamed and in HEVC format on the web site Kofi/fire stick uses then as its not playing directly from an H
EVC file (is on USB stick) and is streamed would play on TV OK?

Question 2, if via the smart TV I downloaded and saved kodi to the television (quad core so should be OK) and played an Hevc file would this still play fine as it was streaming it? Worse case scenario is plugging android box in, which to be honest would just really be for Kofi, so to save wires and an extra HDMI socket being used would downloading directly to TV still allow HEVC to play?

Obviously Hevc h265 is best file type ( according to internet) for best quality UHD/ULTRA 4K Films/files.

On my present Toshiba full HD TV I downloaded & burnt calibration images/tests free & burnt to disc-made a HUGE difference-does anyone know a good free source for this online? Which magazine has exact settings for this model-should I just use those or calibrate with patterns/discs?

Any advice/help would be great! I am on a budget-trying to keep £450 or less if I can. Could just about do 55 inches in lounge but probably too big. Not 'that' keen on refurbs - ulness members can reccomend any that fit my criteria? Also...apart from usual suspects-ebay, amazon, richer sounds,, direct tvs, tescos-any TV or refurb specialists I've missed? Thanks in advance-sorry for a long 1st post!


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1. The input from a box is just an HDMI signal, all the receiving/decoding/playback is being done in the box.

2. Kodi only has a SmartTV app for Android TV as far as I know, that's Sony X-series and Philips TVs. TV CPUs are fairly weak so I'd imagine they're using a HEVC decoder block for playback instead of doing it on CPU power.

HEVC and VP9 are the more efficient compression formats for video, with HEVC encoders currently being a bit better.
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Ah....thanks!!! So could use it via my h265 Android cheapo chinese box (must get a better one!!!). I can also load it onto a firestick (in fact already loaded) but not sure if the firestick will decde h265/hevc?

Endless waves-what's your view on my choice? Seems a bargain & Samsung get good reviews!


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Anyone else got any feedback on pre-HDR Samsung UHD 48 nch TV'S??? I had a quick look (admittidley at a 2016 model but not a new quantumn dot, hdr etc) at a 49 inch on display in 2 shops yesterday & seemed good.

Sorry....sounds like I'm dithering but need to be a bit carefull of my budget (to say the least!) & £429 (with disc code-going to try & haggle down a bit more as older model)....DOES seem not to be able to be touched for a NEW under guarantee Sansung UHD. Any other thoughts anyone???

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