Help/advice/opionion re 'SB SW' functionality on Pioneer VSX-D914/D814/D912/D812

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by ajax9000, Aug 19, 2004.

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    It used to be said that receivers with an amplified subwoofer output were as rare as hens' teeth. The Pioneer VSX-D914/D814/D912/D812 all have the ability to run a sub off the surround back. How good is this functionality?

    More specifically, I have a small room (11 sq.m / 120 sq.ft) and will probably run a modestly sized in-wall sub -- such as the Jamo IW1060WS or the Boston Acoustics VRiSub82. While the VRiSub82 can be teamed up with the SA1, Jamo doesn't seem to make an external sub amp (or at least one available here in Australia). Is it worthwhile investigating running an in-wall sub off a Pioneer VSX-D914/D814/D912/D812, or is the result going to be so woeful that it isn't even worth considering?

    Thanks in advance! (And other suggestions welcome :)


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