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OK...looking for any sensible advice, suggestions, etc. on my set up. Here's what I put in my media room. Also, here is the layout of my media room. I designed it myself when we were building the house and I'm pretty proud of it, so no comments on that ;)...NOTE: I don't have a curtain up as shown and the missus won't let me put one up...Also, the 2nd row is only 3 seats, not 4 as shown. All 5 are reclining Octane Diesel seats. Pretty nice, but my wife complains about them not reclining further (she loves to fall asleep for some reason in the middle of movies, which is why I've upgraded my speakers).

I'm cheap, so go easy on me please...

AVR: Preowned Denon s920w (checked all my boxes...7.1 or 5.1.2 atmos, 4k, etc.). $154 two years ago...I really thought I stole this one, but...
Projector: Epson 5040UB. I got this for under $1200 over 2 years ago. Again..all my boxes checked
Screen: Made it myself. 120", 2.35:1 aspect, blackout cloth
Speakers: This is where I'd like some feedback if anyone is interested...I literally went to a thrift store and picked up a 5.1 system for $25 bucks. It was an Onkyo and it played sound...Very very very little bass, pretty tinny, etc...Just recently broke down and bought the 5.1 Klipsch reference pack and added the R-41M's for my front left and right. Added a "preowned" r12sw. That fills my 5.1.2 (the .1 being 2 subs, but one channel). Waiting for all of that to arrive from Amazon/local pickup this week.

Seeing that I'm pretty cost conscience, any suggestions for upgrade...I know I need it in the sound department, but thinking the Klipsch can get me by for awhile. Any like alternatives that I could throw at it?


Side note...Wife and I built the bar ourselves over Thankgiving last's awesome, especially since we put our own time into making it. Did it all for under $1200 including the three tap kegerator :)

If this needs to be moved to a different forum, please lemme know.

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Great way to assemble a low cost system and ultimately arrive at something which meets your needs - you could throw money at whichever area of your system you feel most requires an update.

Some folk would be tempted with losing a little floor space and construct a screen wall which includes an AT screen surface and place your Front LCR (and possibly Subs) behind the screen.


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