HELP - Advice needed urgently


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HELP !!!!
I need some advice as a matter of urgency.. I'm about to buy a PJ today (first timer)

I've been offered a TW3600 (<100 hours on the bulb) for £380 (3 hour round trip to collect)
OR a TW4400 (500 hours on the bulb) for £400 (5 hour round trip).

any advice guys as I just can't make up my mind.


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Both are good projectors and well worth their asking prices, the 4400 is the better pj with a much higher contrast ratio. Whether you will see the benefits of the extra contrast will depend on your room and setup.

If you have a batcave room the 4400 will be best as it can take full advantage of the extra performance. If it is your average lounge with light coloured walls/ceilings/furnishings etc there won't be that much between the two pj's.

It would then boil down to the slight price premium of the 4400 and if the extra 2hrs drive is onerous or not.

Me I would go for the 4400 as my room has dark walls/carpets and blackout curtains.

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