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I purchased my Sony KV-32FQ75 TV just over a year ago. Recently after purchasing a Pioneer DV656 I noticed that vertical bar moving across the screen. I have read the published threads and found that many people have experienced this problem but none have detailed any solution to the problem (many people have been able to return their TV)

I was wondering if anybody has had a Sony FQ set, with this problem, that has had it resolved and how.

I was also wondering what advice people have on where I should go from here, now that I've noticed the scan bat I can see them pretty much most of the time :0(

Thanks in advance for any help


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Hi 7Kings,

Just to fill you in on what happened as I was one
of the dreaded owner of the FQ75.

Basically what I found and some others did too was
that replacing the scart board (j-board) at the back
fixed the issue for the scart connections but the scrolling
bar was still there for the front connections and the aireal

The only solution I found was by talking to Sony Direct
and asking for a Martin Foan I can give you the number
if you need it. What he did eventually after trying the board
replacement was to swap out the TV for the FQ80
which does not have the issue and also has a slightly
better picture.

But also read the other thread in here about the FQ80 as others
have still seen issues but luckily I have not.


Hi Merlins,

Thanks for your reply, I would appreciate the number for Martin Foan. I'll drop him a line and see what happens.

Do you know what the likely approach is that they'll take?? Will they try and send an engineer out to look at the set or will they expect the set to be sent to them?? Any ideas??

Thanks again

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