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i've just purchased a yamaha Yamaha RXV100D Amp and some Kef 1000 speakers. I've currently got a 32" Sony CRT TV and a Sony DVD Player. I set everything up yesterday evening - but I'm not convinced on the sound.

Basically - I've currently setup the centre - Front : Left and Right ontop of the TV - not got any brackets yet. The rear speakers have been setup on my window sill for now. The pic below shows my room as it stands at the moment:

The problem (I think) is that the rear speakers sound really low. I know the speakers aren't really setup true surround but the front speakers in comparison to the rears are a lot louder. I've got the rears set-up to max DB and the fronts setup quite low.

I'm not sure if I have set-up the amp correctly - can anyone advise please. If anyone has any exprience with this amp any guidance would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance.


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The rears will always be quieter overall, they're there for ambience.
I'd suggest you buy or scrounge a loan of a Sound pressure level meter to set it up properly


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I hope that the speakers are magnetically shielded otherwise you will soon see some funny colour patterns on screen caused by the speaker magnets.


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Speakers are on the TV for only this weekend - will take them down tonight!

No-one have any exepriance with this Amp ?


Prominent Member you will know,your current speaker arrangement is far from ideal,and your only listening/viewing point from your diagram would be on the sofa immediately in front of your rear speakers.
Your receiver is reasonably powerful,so the fact you say you have adjusted the level of the rears up to maximum and they are still puzzling.
Have you made sure you have connected all speakers in phase?
Also....rear volume will always vary with the source broadcast. Sometimes the rears might not be heard at all,then other times they will be very prominent.
You need to get hold of a Sound Level Meter as has already been suggested,then set each speaker individually to the same level (from your seating position) using your receivers test tone,or using a specific audio/visual setup dvd.
This is the only way to accurately set up your speakers.


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Thank you all for your help - can anyone tell me where to get hold of a sound levelmeter ? and how to use it ? Also - can anyone tell where to get hold of some wall brackets. See attached pic of how I intend to set things up over the coming weeks..

I'm not sure whether the front speakers should be brackets or on a stand ? Any suggestions ?


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