Help/advice needed please!!!!



Hi All,

I have a sagem axium htd 501, which i bought from john lewis's 18 months ago. The bulb went on it about 2 weeks ago, after reading through loads of threads, i ordered one of ebay (from china).

It arrived yesterday (very impressed with the speedy delivery!), i couldnt find my original manual which was in english, so went by the pics on the other manual (which is in french etc).

When i replaced the bulb, i noticed that the socket thingy attached to the wires, was different, so I swapped it with the one of the original bulb. I have put the bulb back in, but, still no joy, im getting the same red light flashing 5-6 times and then the stand by light goes back to red!!!

Im not sure if its something ive done wrong, or if its something to do with a "blown fuse" when replacing the bulb!?! which i read somewhere in the past.

Can anyone PLEASE give me any help/advice, as i dont know what to do now, not sure if i was sent the wrong bulb, or if i fitted it in wrong or what!?!?!?!

If i have fitted it in wrong, can someone plz send me fool proof instctions.

Thanks in advance all!!


yes, check the fuse on the top of the lamp 'cage' it is a very fine wire inside it, maplins has the correct fuses for 99p a box if that's the problem ...
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