Help/advice needed please


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Hi all,
Advice needed please

I have a Samsung UE65MU6400u and watch everything though the built in tv apps, mainly Netflix ect.

what I would like to do when watching is to have surround sound while watching. I currently hace an old samsung surround sound but it’s crap and the only input won’t play the tv sound in 5.1.

I was thinking I could buy a avr then I’m hoping it will process the sound from Netflix tv app and give me true surround sound..

please tell me this can be done and if so what I need to be looking for..

thanks in advance


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Was think something like this maybe..



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True surround sound?

If your current aetup fascilitates processing of Dolby Digital 5.1 then that would be regarded as being surround sound. A lot of what you'd get via the streaming services will be nothing more than Dolby Digital 5.1 although it is possibly to get Dolby Atmos via Netflix, but not via a Samsung TV. The audio you get via your TV and Netflix will be either 5.1 Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus. The same would be true of other streaming services such as Amazon while other may even be limited to nothing more than 2 channel PCM.

The Sony receiver you linked to is about 4 years old now and has been replaced several times since it was launched. The current model would be the STRDN1080. Note that you'd also need at least a 5.1 speaker package. It is usually the case that all in one packages include speakers with inordinately low impedance and if the speakers with your current setup are such speakers then it would be inadvisable to use them with a new AV receiver. You'd also need an active as opposed to a passive subwoofer.

What kind of a budget do you have for both the AV receiver and a 5.1 speaker package? How big is your room and how is it laid out?


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What my leaned friend above says is very true but if your just starting out old does not mean bad! If the price is right


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Thanks for the replies..
My definition of true surround sound would be the fact I want bits in the movie to sound like there coming from where there ment to.. 5.1 is fine For me I think and seeing as I’m just getting into this and would just like a better sound for watching Netflix I don’t look to spending a mega amount just yet..

the avr I placed a link to I’m able to purchase for £120 and was hoping it would make my Netflix movies have surround sound..

the system I currently have As said is old and a dvd type thing that only plays 5.1 if I put a dvd in.. the aux phono jack does not..

the speakers I have are yes the Samsung ones with the old system ( temporary till I upgrade them to something else more suitible but still not costing the earth).

thank again for you replies

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