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Hi Guys

I'm struggling to make a decision over the Q acoustics 3050i cinema pack or to go with the bronze 6 Monitor Audio? Would need to go with Bronze 2 for rears instead of fx due to mounting options and space. Advice needed as different retailers have so many different opinions. Main use would be watching sky and movies but a lot of use would be for music too. Thanks in advance, Glen


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They are both very well thought of in that price bracket.
It may be best to see if you can get a demo of each to see which you prefer the sound of. Each manufacture has their own signature sound and it's just down to personal taste.
I would see if you can swap out the packaged subwoofers for something else though as for both they are a bit of a weak point when compared to the speakers in the set.
For rears for the bronze set up you could also get away with using the smaller bronze 1 speaker which may be a bit easier to mount.
From my own preference though I liked the bronze series more than q acoustics. But the best way is always to demo.


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between the 3000 series and the bronze i would go for the bronze.. however the superior/higher end concepts are better than the 3000 series for not much more if going for the smaller concept 20s for the front l and r. the bass can be handled by the sub so floor standers aren't as important in 5.1 as for stereo. you could get away with using 3000 series for rears.
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