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Hello forum,

This is my first post but I have been a silent reader for some time now.

I enjoy the respect in this forum and the expertise so I always keep coming back and read whenever I buy some av product.

I hope you can help me find the best tv for me.

My current setup is a bit old now and I would like to exchange the tv and related to that the av receiver.

Here the current situation.

- man cave in the loft that is mostly used in the evening when it's dark (and children are in bed, wife is downstairs) but there are curtains so a decent level of darkness can be created even during the day in the odd case I find time at a weekend.

TV: Panasonic Viera 50VT20
AV receiver: Denon 3311
Speakers: KEF Q500 floor standers, Q200 centre speaker, rears are Q acoustics 10
BD-player: Oppo BDP-103 Darbee edition with modification to switch region code for BDs
Gaming: Xbox One X and PS4 Pro (PS3 and another PS4 as well as an Xbox 360 are connected as well)

I sit around 3m away from the screen.

I am looking at a 65 inch screen and even might consider a 75 inch.

Main purpose of the tv is for gaming, 4k gaming HDR. Then a bit of movie, Netflix, Amazon Prime video and no tv watching at all.

Gaming is about 80%, movies 10%, Netflix/Amazon Prime 10%

I do need a tv with a low input lag.

Another thing that is important. I need a tv that has a central stand and not 2 feet at the ends of the bezel.

After having read a lot in this forum and elsewhere (sorry, always look for a 2nd opinion) I shortlisted the following candidates:

Sony KD-65XE9305
Samsung UE75MU8000

The 2nd flight of stairs into the loft is going around a corner and it's obviously not wide enough to carry a 75 inch screen fully horizontally upstairs. Is it safe to tilt the screen a bit so it's slightly vertical when carry it upstairs or does that damage anything?

The 75 inch Samsung is around £2,400 and that's pushing my budget already a bit but there's a part of me who really would love to have a big screen but the reasonable voice inside my head tells me that 65 is fine and already a nice upgrade to the 50 inch I currently have.

Any other models I overlook or any other recommendations (cheaper is always welcome).

And sorry if that's the wrong section but I would most likely also need to update the av receiver to allow 4k signals going through.

I was thinking about the Denon AVR-X4400H or the model below AVR-X3400H. Any other recommendations?

Thanks for your help in advance.



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Firstly, don’t limit your choice because of the stand. You can buy plenty of aftermarket stands which mount via the Vesa mountings.


You'll want a TV that is good with HDR with your uses. The cheapest 75" model for that would be the Sony 75XE9005 but the 75XE9405 would be ideal.

So I would urge you to go for that Sony, if you can stretch it a little more. I guess the XE9405 will be over budget?

If you can't go that high in budget then look at 65" models instead such as the LG B7/C7 or Panasonic EZ952. If you read this and think you are one to be affected by burn in the next best value TV at 65" would be the Sony 65XE9305.

Some notes:

Input lag - no need to worry in 2017, all TVs have low enough input lag.
Stand - if the best option happens to come with a wide stand, just buy your own as mentioned above.
Viewing distance - even from a 75" model 3M is quite a distance from recommended figures with UHD. See the chart in: Should I upgrade? - UHD vs FHD
Receiver - Best asked in the receiver section, but basically features aside you won't really know which sound you like the best without demoing them. Generally its best going for last years model but higher up than spending more on the recent models.


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Thank you both for your replies.

It actually never occurred to me that I could use another stand.

And thanks @dodge for the long and detailed reply. Definitely food for thought and I will check the mentioned tvs. The XE9405 75 inch is above budget but for sure a great tv.

Thanks again.

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