Help - adding Access point to exisitng wirelss network


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Maybe I should try a pc forum. Anyway, have bought an access point to network my Denon receiver to my existing wireless network. of course I cant get the access point integrated. Have same channel number, SSId etc.
Any pointers?


If you are connecting to a wireless network, you need an adaptor not an access point, an access point forms part of a wireless network, an adaptor connects to it.

Marvin the Android

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Not strictly true. You need to define the correct roles to the access point. In this case you have two distinct segments that you will either need to route or bridge between. Bridging would be simpler but as suggested just using an adaptor (Which is basically a simple wired-wireless bridge anyway) would be the easiest and most transparent solution.

The only real reason, that I can see, not to use an adaptor in this case is if you have signal strength problems between the adaptor and the root access point.




Yes, agree with that Tony, just thought to keep it simple until the actual scenario is known, as you know some of these access point set ups and WDS etc can be a bit complicated in practice.

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