Help: Active Speakers with PC Monitors / External Screen


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Hi all,

I am having trouble setting up by active speakers with my pc monitors/pre-amps. Anyone wiser than me able to help? Details below.

Many thanks in advance,


Setup 1:

Setup 2:

My Tried and Failed Attempts:
  • Connecting the Rokus to the monitors through HDMI port
  • Connecting the ‘Audio In/Out’ jack of the monitors to the ‘AUX IN’ RCA ports of the Yamaha
  • Connecting the ‘Pre-outs’ of the Yamaha to the RCA inputs on the speakers
  • When playing Roku on the monitors and selecting the right audio output on the monitors/AUX input on the Yamaha, I am getting nothing through the speakers
  • I have two docking stations, which could be used to help or hinder? Dell d3100, Fitfort ucn3265


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Dont know enough about this area to offer a solution, the manual for the dell says headphones are not supported on its audio out and the LG has dual 3.5mm jacks but only one supports headphones, the other is an input.

If it were me I'd work around it purchase HDMI audio extractor with optical output.

Connect Roku to the extractor and feed the optical into the WXC-50.

That way you bypass the monitor entirely.


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My guess would be the audio output from the Roku is multichannel and the monitors will only accept a PCM 2.0 signal. Can you configure the Rokus to just give 2.0?

Agree with @next010 that an audio extractor is probably the simplest route!


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Thank you @next010 and @noiseboy72 - very helpful indeed. I managed to reconfigure the Roku audio to PCM and it worked!

Would an audio extractor be worth getting to improve the sound quality, by bypassing any DAC or processing in the monitor?


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Yes, without a doubt a better DAC will improve the sound. How much is open to debate, but it could be significant.

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