Help a total noob!!


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Hi all,

I have got myself into a total mess and could do with your help. I want to get a HD DVD player but am uncertain if it will be worth it with my TV.

I have a Panasonic TH37PX600B which I think plays at 1080i or 720p. But the HD DVDs (or Blu Ray) say that it plays at 1080p!! And that is where I lose the will to live!!

So will my TV play HD DVDs at will I notice a difference?

Here's hoping you can help me.



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On my 43" pioneer i can easily see the difference between upscaled DVD and HD-DVD with an EP35 sitting at around 8/9 feet away.

Don't worry too much about the 1080p/i/720p stuff. HD-DVD/BD work on any HDready sets :)


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Yeah they should play fine mate :thumbsup:

Not too technically minded my self but i think it just means they can play up to 1080p if the screen can't take it it will play at 720p

Hope this helps and doesn't confuse you more


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Thanks guys - much appreciated.

Now I just have to work out which format is best - or wait until a choice of dual players comes out.

Ever noticed how all the the films you want are split equally over the formats - go figure - don't you just love it.


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Heh - dual is the only way to go - Shame I am a hooked PC guy - PS3 or Xbox would be the ideal solution - damn you PC, why are you so good!!!

Roll on competition for the Samsung - bring it near the £300 mark then I am biting :) Other wise I will have to have 2 players and that is just excessive.

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