Help a noob on a fairly low budget


I am in the market for a plasma and need some advice.

I have a fairly low budget of maximum £2500 and that has to cover the screen, wallmount and some half decent cabling.

I know I cant expect to much for this sort of money, but hopefully some of you guys will know where I should start.

After searching through this forum I cant seem to find much advice on cheap plasmas and most of the model numbers for sub £2000 plasmas turn up a blank on the search engine.

So, my question is. What can I expect for that sort of money?

Where should I go to get it?

Will I be able to get a screen without a fan for that money?

Should I scrub round it, get cheap CRT and save til I can get the 63"NEC ( which will be a long, long time!!!! )


There is the panasonic 42pw6b which is enormously popular here, not only as a great budget screen but as a great screen with any financial consideration. I dont think it has a fan....

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or you could try talking to forum member MAW who could sort you out :)

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As buns suggested panny 42pw6 have a search on the forum
and go and view other screens in your budget

choice's include

Samsung,Daewoo,Relisys,LG + Few other cheap screens
Hitachi PD5000

Hitachi is worth a look but don't even bother with the others.

A decent wall mount is £130 from power buy section.

you may have to go a little over budget by £100-£200 to get decent cables.

Don't go for the cheaper screens just to keep on budget you will regret it later.

may help if you post what the rest of your kit is, with regards to connectivity.


Like a bad penny. I always know if my name is mentioned. :) With the current panny deals I'd have thought 2.5k will cover it, even get a JS box if you need it. At the price difference for panasonic over the Korean panels, it's not worth getting cheap on it, Relisys and all that are simply not as good, and only £100 less really.


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I'd say spend the money on a screen first. It's the most important part of your system, and the most difficult to change at a later date. As Maw suggests, the addition of a converter can make a significant different for Sky and other digital sources. Do the core parts of your system correct at this stage, and build up if required later.

What other equipment are you wishing to connect?

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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