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Help a NOOB find an MP3 Player

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by Larry T, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Larry T

    Larry T

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    Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum and since there are no official "Noobs say Hello here" threads (At least that I can see) I'll say hello and good evening to you here, :hiya: :thumbsup:

    What I'm after is is a specific Mp3 Player, I'm consulting the opinion of several other forums as well as yours.

    i've got an Ipod already (3rd gen 40 gig if you must know) But you'll see where I'm coming from in a moment

    At the moment I've got this

    But it's not to my requirements therefor I'm after a new one.

    I've got a DAB radio that can record to SD cards ( A pure digital bug if you must know). I record entire shows and What I like from them (using a bit of jiggery pokery with the PC) I edit the neseccary audio between Wav And MP3, then I place it on my Ipod. Be they certain tracks I like from music shows, or Certain funny bits from comedy shows & what have you. I originally record them in one hour blocks at most.

    I'd do it with my Ipod but removing the tracks once I'm done with them is a pain in the arse (I use Musicmatch jukebox) which is why I use that seperate player to listen to the entire recorded tracks & shows when I'm out and about.

    My price range is anything up to around 100 pounds sterling INc Vat (sign doesn't work on my keyboard [image] )

    I'll list the features and how essential they are. I'll rank them either Essential, or Ideal but not essential (IBNE for Short)

    1) the memory range has to be somewhere between 0.5 - 1GB (essential) with optional expandability via either SD/compacflash/smartmedia card (IBNE)

    2) THe ability to clearly display the track information, be it tag or filename (essential)

    3) The ability to remember where the track finished playing when it was powered down(essential). Like I said at most, each recording made from the DAB Radio will be 1 hour long. The Previous Player never did this and Fastforwarding/rewinding was a pain in the arse, it was done via that stick in the picture. Holding it down too long hurt my fingers, a simpler mechanism for FF/RW wouldn't go amiss either (IBNE).

    4)THe ability to power down if a track has been paused for 5 mins or less (essential) the one listed at the top never did this and wasted a lot of battery power whilst going into Screen saver mode.

    5) a Sleep function (essential) Lasting anything up to 90 mins, starting at either 15 or 30 mins (IBNE)

    6) Can Take either AA or AAA batteries (I've got heaps of recharge-able types of those) (IBNE)

    7) a Radio. FM only or FM/AM THe previous one had this but it could never receive and play anything without scrambling everything with interference. (IBNE)

    This is an MP3 Player I'm after therefor I'm listing the following as an Ideal requirement seprate from the rest. the Ability to record Voice to Wav or other formats via an internal Mike or External mike plugged into a Line in port on the player. The one listed up top had both, I'm a pretty forgetful person So I use that to remind myself of things and it is very handy. But if it's a good mp3 player I'm not gonna be too fussed about it

    Now on the advice of a seprate forum, (www.mp3hardplay.tk) They're advising me to go for this: [​IMG]

    The Msi Mega Player 522 BT. after reading MSi's link to their manual it seems to be to my liking apart from a couple minor things.

    The sleep/power off funcion only works on a MAXIMUM of 10 mins. it's got its own internal battery which seemingly can't be changed (that supposedly was the end of my IPod However I can get the batteries off Ebay for it for roughly a 10er and replace them myself fairly easily, I don't know whether that's gonna be the case for the mega player though. :eek: ) And its not that exclusive to the UK, I can't find it anywhere locally (I'm in Aberdeen) so if it somehow gets f :censored: ed then so will I be. Ordering it online is the only option I have should I wish to aquire it. (as well as lengthy delays with RMA and royal mail issues should I have to return it)

    Are there Any others out there that come close to fitting my full requirements that anyone here can reccomend?

    That's the challenge set folks, I don't think I'm asking too much am I? :lease:

    Thanks in advance
  2. HMHB

    Distinguished Member

    Nov 11, 2001
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    Welcome to AV Forums :hiya:
    When I was first looking around at MP3 players I found this site very useful and eventually bought mine from them. The good thing is you can look through all the various players they sell and read about them and also reas user reviews - both good and bad ! They are based in Scotland as well :)

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