Question Help a noob... CA Azur 540R no sound - dead or what?


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Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for any helpful advice or suggestions.

I've got a Cambridge Audio Azur 540R (don't know exactly how old or which version - how important is that info?) that's gone silent. Here are some facts:
  • Bought for a modest price off eBay a year or so ago, has worked fine for most of that time. We're not too fussy, basic 5.1 with OK speakers and a big old sub, really just to make it fun when the t-rex roars, Death Star gets blown up, etc.
  • A couple of random times when I turned it on there was no sound, turned it off and on once or twice and it came back. We thought it might have been overheating, so issued a strict order to keep toys, etc. off the top, with surprisingly good compliance ("you'll burn the house down").
  • This time it stubbornly refuses to come back on, even though I can see there's power (lights and hum) and signal (sub is mumbling; no "unlock" message).
  • Tried the blow-air-in-the-headphone-jack trick.
Questions would be the usual:
  • Is there something else fairly easy I can try to fix it? I'm willing to open it up, but wary of too much poking around in electronics.
  • Is it likely to be worth trying to get it fixed at a repair shop? My local wants £15 to have a look and make a quote, which is OK unless there's really no chance of repair at a reasonable price.
  • "Reasonable price" meaning what it would cost to buy a comparable or better used replacement.
  • If it's time to replace it, can I get some suggestions for trouble-free, low-cost options?
Any additional info that would be helpful? If I could just give it a whack and it's fixed, that would be awesome. Looking forward to your good ideas.



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The 540 was a nice AVR in its day and was a good price as well. However, given its age etc. I think even the £15 part of the fee is probably too much to spend and I can certainly see any repair costing more than a replacement unit. There are lots of newer second hand AVRs on the market for under £100 which will be fine as a replacement given your requirements.


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*sigh* That's pretty much what I was expecting. Thanks. Guess I'll go looking for a basic Yamaha.

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