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Dear forum,

I've spent quite a few hours trying to educate myself online with a view to making some decisions on i) which speakers to buy and ii) where to place them in my new pad. Would love some advice if anyone can spare the time - I've attached a floor plan with some edits so you can understand my 'long room' challenge....!

So - I already have the KEF LSX and was planning on buying a 48' Samsung OLED to fit within custom built shelves in the alcove on the left. I've left enough space for a soundbar (thinking of going with Sonos Beam). Hopefully you can see how I'm thinking of structuring the room - I think most of our time will be spent in the area on the left (on sofas) as well as in the kitchen (in and around the island / dining table). I also have an added challenge of a baby arriving soon which may influence any decision of getting speakers stands (i.e. from KEF).

My questions & humble request for advice are:

  • Where would you place the LSX?
  • Do you agree with a Beam under the TV? If not - why?
  • Would you recommend adding more speakers to fill the room? If so, which speakers (assume max budget £2.5k) and where would you put them?

Many many thanks in advance!!


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Obvious place to put the TV is inbetween the two built in cupboards (assume chimney breast) wall mounted and then put the LSX either side on the two shelf units, I think the lsx can be fed by optical from the tv.

From what I understand soundbars tend to work by using the side walls and ceiling to “bounce” the sound to creat the illusion of surround sound, but in your case one side has a sofa and the other is open plus if you put the tv on the left until it will be in a corner so not sure a sound bar would work that well in that configuration.


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I'll edit my main text to add that the TV location is non-negotiable following a long battle with the wife. She won on deciding the TV placement - I won on the BBQ and the study.

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