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Help a newbie make a sub decision!


Right im at a bit of a crossroads, i think i need a sub :devil: what got me thinking was the special offer on the velodyne ch10 atm, £210, now im thinking is this a very good buy or will say spending another £50 get me a better sub, or is it worth me making my own (basically buy a kit etc)

Now being poor, i only have around 250ish to spend, the rest of my system is so so, marantz sr5300, with mission 73i floorstanders, and a tosh sd220e as the source (i dont reallly listen to music in the home) i also have a sony 43"rptv.

My next planned upgrades are a power amp addition for the fronts, and a matching mission centre, i have a celestion atm, and i want to get some mission rears too.

Basically do i get a sub now, or do i save the money and say spend closer to 350 in 12 months, but upgrade the rest of the system now? :lease:


I'd say, save. With floorstanders you probably get only frustrated with a small sub. Have you considered an SVS, starting from £400? Or then there is BK XLS200 or MS or ...

Ian J

wassap said:
what got me thinking was the special offer on the velodyne ch10 atm, £210, now im thinking is this a very good buy or will say spending another £50 get me a better sub

Your questions range from difficult to impossible for other people to answer. The Velodyne powerbuy offer is exceptionally good value and as you say that you don't listen to music I doubt whether you would get better value by adding a further £50 to your budget.

I have no idea whether or not you would do better by buying a kit and making your own so can't help on that score and I can't tell you whether or not it would be a good idea to upgrade the rest of your equipment now and buy a slightly more expensive sub in a year's time either.


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Go for the rears first, then as your budget allows, add a good quality centre, then spend a decent amount on a sub.

The centre speaker would get the greater workout watching movies, but you at least want surround sound first. Then add the sub. The extra dimension the sub creates with movies is not to be underestimated.
heard the velodyne today and its good. it wasnt on a par with the ms309 though to be honest. the build was nicer, but the sound was a little bit inferior to the ms 309. room was set up with spl and is identical to my room, only the opposite way round..............and the ms 309 never played nice in my room so maybe thats a factor?. boomy velodyne, boomy ms 309, then when set up, a boomy velodyne and a boomy ms 309 so no change in this room :)

i think the budget velodyne, and the ms 309 are on a par as far as music are concerned, but the velodyne went a tad lower (to our ears) with movies.

not a review, but a quick comment.

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