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Hi people Ive just conected my PC to my plasma via the S-vid output on pc to s vid in on plasma,The picture is sharp and good except for annoying lines about 2 inc thick scrolling down the screen,the lines are clear (ie the picture still shows through) but
i cant seem to find the adjustment to get them out please help as its driving me mad


Sounds like you need to adjust the refresh rate (Hertz setting) either via your PC's video card or plasma if it lets you. I think most plasmas are rated at about 50-60Hz (which is low for a computer screen in my opinion). I'm not sure if this will solve it, however. If the plasma is brand new, maybe there is a problem with it. Or see if you can use another input type such as component or DVI to your PC. Try eliminating more of the variables. Try hooking up a different computer if you have one, maybe it is just your PC.


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thanks for the info Ive been messing around all evening with it and if i just connect a svhs lead (1m long) its fine so im guessing its the length of lead perhaps? Ive also just connected it direct with the VGA ouput to input on plasma and image is fantastic (why didnt i do this before !!) are these leads ok at that sort of distance without signal loss ? Are there any you can get with a break in them (ie so I wouldnt have to drill such a big hole in the wall to fit it) your help is much apreciated

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You beat me to it - why would you want to hook a PC to your PC Monitor (sorry PlasmaTV) via S-Video!!!

If you purchase an HD15 VGA cable with non moulded hoods and are very careful you can usually dismantle the HD15 hood and then carefully feed just the cable and the end terminal plate through a hole that's a bit smaller than the hole an HD15 assembly requires.

I'd normally use/supply VanDamme Red Series VGA with a metal hood that comes apart for this job.

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