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Help a complete AV beginner!

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Papa Lazarou, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Papa Lazarou

    Papa Lazarou

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    Hi guys,

    I wondered if you could give a complete novice (and a bit of an AV numptie!) a bit of advice on connecting AV gear together. :lease:

    I have just bought a Sony system (DAV SR4W) and a free view box (Thomson DHD4000) and I would like to connect these to my current TV (albeit old and due for replacement soon) which has only one SCART input, and my VCR and PS2.

    I am guessing that I need a SCART switcher, and the Vivanco 95se seems to be a good bet which people seem to rate, but I am a bit confused firstly on which SCART leads to go for and how to connect them, and secondly how to hook the sound up to best effect.

    On the scart front, should I go for RGB cables from the DVD and Freeview? The Freeview box seems to have an RGB loop through on the back – is there any advantage to linking these two together before hooking up to the switcher?

    On the sound front, I know the Vivanco switcher has a digital audio coaxial output, but the Sony system only has an optical input – should I use a converter to change the coaxial to toslink and hook up to the surround sound? In this case, do you know of any good adapters I could look at?

    Finally, the Thomson has digital outputs (optical and coaxial) but seems to state that these are only ‘PCM stereo’ – does this mean they won’t come out as true surround sound? Is it better just to use a SCART connection for this one then? Equally, is there any point using the optical out from the PS2 in addition to the SCART, as I have read that this is not in surround sound either?

    Sorry for the all the questions – but all the options are getting a bit confusing! :confused:


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