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help 4 search 4 complete entertainment sys

Discussion in 'Portable Disc & Media Players & Recorders' started by morphy, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. morphy


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    hi people,

    im in the process of installing 4 screens into motor for dvd playback...

    now what im really after is a complete entertainment system almost like a mobile disco....

    its for driving customers about 2 and from parties nights out etc

    ive been out of car interior modding for absolutely donkey years so need help on all fronts.

    So could you please make some recommendations. bear in mind i havent got a money tree :D

    1) what head unit
    3)speakers 2 front 2 rears
    5)games consolles ps2, xbox,gamecube?
    6)looking to have some sort of karaoke system where they can sing along
    7)interior lighting system

    8)Anything else you could recommend to kick start a night on the town..

    thanks for looking and looking forward to replies

    :lease: :D
  2. Rob_Quads

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    Feb 14, 2004
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    Chandlers Ford
    Head units depend on what you want to do - for touchscreen control then IMO it the Alpine D310 is the best out there. It can also control the other screens giving each person thier own system i.e. rear left & rear right showing different things.

    Amps & Speakers - you need to say how much your spending.

    Games consoles - they can all be fitted without too much hastle - which one is personal perferance - PS2 slimline is by far the easiest. To connect lots of them would have space and control issues

    karaoke - hmm pass on that one

    Lighting systems - Some sound activated LED lights are probably your best bet. I presume this is a limo, if its not you will get in trouble for having lots of lights in the back of the car as they will be visible through the front screen = illegal

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