Help !?!? 3 of the same LCD in 1 room ??


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Hi folks...

Looking for some guidance, befroe I dive into the unknown :eek:

Is it possible to have 3 of the same LCD in the same room, and work independantly from each of the remotes or will I get TV 1 change channel with TV 3 remote and casuing madness ?

Any help of pointers on a solution or work around would very much appreciated.



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The only thing I can think of is to get a remote such as the Harmony 890 that sends RF signals to a base station which then relays them to an infrared emiter that you can stick over the sensor on the tv, you can have a seperate emiter for each tv and assign them separately on the remote so you can control one tv at a time.
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You should be able to get either option by playing around with the battery strengths.

I have 4 Sharp Plasmaclusters in a single room. One of the remotes has brand new batteries, and another has run down batteries. If I press any button on the remote with new batteries in, it operates all 4 units regards of the position of the remote. However with the remote that has drained batteries in, I have to specifcally point it at the unit I want to operate. So I can operate them all at once, or indivually depending on which remote I use.
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playing around with the battery strengths.


I would imagine that every now and again things don't go the way you want and you end up effecting more than one display, not really a permanent solution imo.

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